Rajarshee Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj
Government Medical College & CPR Hospital, Kolhapur

Facilities \ Hostels


Facilities \ Cafeteria


Facilities \ Bank


Facilities \ Gym

For maintaining physical fitness of students, well equipped gym is available at Shenda Park campus near Hostel buildings next to students' canteen. It is proposed to be expanded with more advanced during coming years.

Facilities \ Playground

A spacious open ground is available at Shenda Park campus near students' hostels. Students enjoy various sports activities like cricket, football, etc. It is also proposed to develop the ground by making fences, constructing Basketball court, etc.

Facilities \ Auditorium

College auditorium is placed at CPR Hospital campus near PG & interns hostels. It has sitting capacity of around 250 spectators with all modern facilities for audio-visual presentations

Facilities \ Library

Central Library
A. Layout and Total Area 1603.66 sq.mt
1) Ground Floor 493.33sq.mt.
2) First Floor 447.57sq.mt.
3) Stair case 47.76sq.mt.
4) Additional Reading Hall 615.sq.mt
Working day Library 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Reading room 9.30 am to 12.00 midnight
Holiday Reading Room 9.30 am to 12.00 midnight
No. of shifts 2 shifts
C. Number of Books 1) Text book 7112
2) Reference 2578
Total 9694
D. Journals 1) No. of Journal subscribed annually 2014
i)Indian 44 ii) Foreign 82
2) No. of Journal subscribed annually 2013
i)Indian 53 ii) Foreign 71
3) No. of Journal subscribed annually 2012
i)Indian 41 ii) Foreign 71
4) No. of back volumes (Journals) 4348
E. e-journals e-journals through NML-ERMED 2742 free
access DMER 1500
F. D.V.D’s Set’s 1) Medicine – 6 DVDs
2) OBGY _ 3 DVDs
3) Ortho. - 3 DVDs
4) Ophthalm. Vol. 2
5) E.N.T. – 3 DVDs
6) Anaesthesia - Vol.2
7) Radiology – 3 DVDs
8) Pediatrics – 3 DVDs
9) Imp.Medico Legal communication - 3 DVDs
10) Thesis-Research & Statistical Methods -3DVDs
11) Dermatology – 3 DVDs
12) Trauma Assessment – 2 DVDs
G. System of Cataloguing : According to Anglo American catalogue rules (AACR-II)
H. System of Classification: D.D.C.
I. Details of facilities : a) Reference Service
b) Bibliography Service
c) Inter Library Loan facility
d) Computer facility
e) Printing facility
f) L.C.D Projector
g) Internet (Broad band) LAN
h) Digital Library
i) Xerox
j) Book Bank for SC/ST Students
k) Video conferencing available
J. Facility of Drinking Water Yes ( Aqua guard with water purifier)
K. Staff with Qualification
Designation Name Qualifications
Librarian - -
Dy. Librarian Mrs. S. M. Kondekar M.A.M.Lib.I sc
Documentalist / Comp.Operator Mr. K. D. Kamble H.S.C.
Cataloguer Mrs. Nita S. Sarnaik B.A.
Library Asst. Ms. Ketki V. Dhas B.Com.
Mr. Ilai Momin S.S.C
Mr. Sanjay Jadhav S.S.C.
Peon Mrs. Kamble S.M
Ms. Kamble S.S.
Mrs. Naikwadi H. I.

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